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Making sure the journey
isn’t into the unknown.

Making sure the journey isn’t into the unknown.

Depending on the region you are travelling to and staying in, risky areas can involve a high level of personal risk. However, even a stay in areas which are politically and socially stable can often present cultural pitfalls which in the blink of an eye can be transformed into situations involving security issues. In our experience such hazards can be significantly reduced by making targeted preparations.

We support you in safeguarding your foreign travel in a number of ways:

  • advice on cultural and security matters during the preparations for the trip.
  • support in planning the itinerary
  • parallel to the trip we provide you with the latest security information, warnings and recommendations.
  • in emergencies a multi-language security hotline is available to you round the clock (24/7).
  • For journeys into regions of high risk where life and limb could be in danger the SEC4 network can, if required, provide you with professional support services offering personal security and emergency medical assistance.